iClever IC-BTS02 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker



iClever IC-BTS02 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Expert reviews and ratings

By XSReviews on 90

iClever's speaker comes with a generic name that belies its outstanding performance and stylish design. While it has some foibles – hidden playback controls, no NFC and a surface that attracts fingerprints like no other – it's still a damn good...

By tabletpcreview.com on 72

As long as you know what you're getting, the iClever Bluetooth speaker is a pretty good deal. It's simple, easy to use, and well suited to putting on a little music when you're on the go; a boombox rather than a home theater. But for the price and the...

By CoolSmartphone on 90

Yes, I've got me another Bluetooth speaker. It's fair to say I have been sent quite a number of these recently but this, out of the box, does look a rather polished and classy affair. That shiny mirrored effect around the edge is actually a zinc alloy...

By Tech-Reviews UK on 70

All-in-all a solid all round Bluetooth speaker with nice aesthetics, build-quality and respectable audio performance. If you're looking for range-topping audio quality you can write home about, you should be looking at devices costing £200+. For...

By PCAdvisor on 80

We really like iClever's Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Audiophiles will still prefer to spend 40 times the price (and then some), but for most of us this £25 speaker is portable, good-looking and offers more than adequate sound.

By PC Advisor on 80

iClever's Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers we've tried. It sounds good, it looks great and it's affordable. Also see: Best portable speakers 2015 . It's surprising just how much sound emanates from this tiny...

By dailystar.co.uk on

PHWhat an amazing little contraption this is.The iClever Bluetooth speaker blew me away as soon as I got it out of the box.It's barely bigger than a credit card and yet inside this little beast is a huge sound.It has an 80db sensitivity and enough...

By techsupportforum.com on

Priced at $24.99, the iClever speaker is a well-priced unit and when asking others what they would pay for it, they priced it higher and expected the price to be in the upper $40s. I see this speaker to be perfect for those in a college dorm room or...

By SlashGear on

When you need your music on the go, you need it in a small form factor -- one that can easily fit in any bag and won't wear you down, but that doesn't sacrifice audio quality or battery life. Most portable batteries come in cylindrical form, but there...

By runaroundtech.com on

iClever's Bluetooth speaker is a low-end offering in the large market of Bluetooth speakers. The design is actually quite nice, but it shows fingerprints very prominently. The sound is poor when compared with more expensive offerings, and the music...

International Review By micougnou.com on 80

Cette enceinte iClever IC-BTS02 proposée à 29,99€ est un bon choix dans le segment des enceintes nomades. Elle bénéficie d'un bon rapport qualité/prix et de fonctionnalités intéressantes, telles que la prise d'appels téléphoniques ou une entrée jack...

International Review By saggiamente.com on 80

Quello di iClever non è il primo speaker Bluetooth che provo e ormai ho una certa esperienza di prodotti analoghi in tutte le fasce di costo. Posso dire che rispetto alla concorrenza di prezzo analogo offre una qualità audio superiore, nonché un design...

International Review By gizchina.it on

Oggi ci troviamo a recensire l'iClever IC-BTS02, mini speaker portatile bluetooth dalle buone potenzialità.L'iClever IC-BTS02 Speaker Bluetooth è disponibile all'acquisto su Amazon.it al prezzo di circa 33 euro con spedizione gratuita Amazon Prime...

International Review By tecnouser.net on

In conclusione lo speaker bluetooth di iClever è un ottimo prodotto, costruito con materiali di qualità e capace di emettere un audio pulito e dagli ottimi bassi. Tutto questo associato al design e al prezzo di circa 30 euro, fanno di questo speaker...