Reviewers Liked

  • SandForce controller reliable as ever; high random IOPS; competitive price
  • Impressive 286MB/s read speeds in ATTO, Included mounting bracket, 3year warranty, Very close to that $100 price point
  • Build Quality, Blazing Fast Read/Write Speeds, Up To 50.000 IOPS, 2.5' To 3.5' Bracket Included, Native TRIM Support, DuraClass/DuraWrite/RAISE Technologies, 120GB At The Price Of 100GB
  • Outstanding synthetic test performance, More IOPS than other Sandforce drives, Performance improvement over many other Sandforce SSDs, Large capacity, Supports TRIM
  • Very impressive 284MB/s read and 272MB/s write in ATTO, Best ATTO score out of all SandForcebased drives we have tested, Available in capacities up to 240GB, 3year warranty, Included mounting bracket
  • Outstanding 286/273 MBps read/write speed with ATTO, SandForce SF1200 processor supports TRIM, SMART, and RAISE, DuraWrite technology extends NAND lifetime, Toplevel enthusiast operational I/O performance, 3Year G.Skill limited product warranty, 60/1

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Cheap enclosure
  • Poor write speeds in our testing
  • Price (For Some)
  • High price, Large, too much space for many, Reallife performance not as impressive as synthetic, IOPS improvement can not make a big difference, No acessories included
  • No USB MiniB connection
  • Does not deliver on advertised 50,000 IOPS, More expensive than other similar products, Lacks integrated USB MiniB data connection, Not 3rdGeneration SATA6.0 compliant