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How to sell a CPU

Editor's take: Much of the focus in semiconductors is on chip performance, and so for many outside the process it can be mystifying why sometimes a "better" chip loses out to a "weaker" chip. To name just one example, Intel still sells a lot of server CPUs despite their poor comparison with the latest AMD or Arm offerings.

Meta increases personal security spending for Mark Zuckerberg to $14 million amid layoffs and efficiency calls

The final figure could be double that amount
A hot potato: Meta says it is increasing the amount of money it spends on Mark Zuckerberg's personal security by $4 million, taking the total to $14 million. It comes as the company eliminates thousands of jobs and its CEO talks about 2023 being the "year of efficiency."
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Meta fires employees for taking bribes to hijack accounts and helping others recover accounts

A hot potato: Meta employees and contractors have had access to an internal system for recovering user accounts for a while now. The deployment of this tool grew dramatically over the last few years, giving even more users permissions. Now, the company appears to be cracking down on access. One reason may be misuse within Facebook's own customer service.