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Japanese stores open late for RTX 4060 Ti launch, one person turns up

Better than none, right, Nvidia?
Facepalm: It's fair to say that the RTX 4060 Ti launch has not gone too well for Nvidia. Reviewers have slammed the card, complaining about its price, performance, and similarity to the previous-gen equivalent. It's left consumers somewhere between apathetic and angry, and nowhere is this more obvious than in Japan's Akihabara shopping district, where two stores that opened late for the latest Lovelace launch managed to attract a single customer between them.
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AMD takes aim at Nvidia, highlights the importance of VRAM in modern games

Ahead of the RTX 4070's arrival
In brief: As Nvidia's RTX 4070 is expected to launch tomorrow with 12GB of GDDR6X, AMD has decided now's a good time to take a shot at its rival by pointing out how much memory new games require when played at higher resolutions. Team Red notes that its mid- to high-end cards have more VRAM than Nvidia's equivalents, though some of its benchmark results don't exactly line up with our own.