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Ransomware attacks are ongoing: a recap of major recent incidents, including this week's hit on The Guardian

What just happened? Despite IT security efforts worldwide, ransomware attacks show no sign of slowing down. Various organizations like technology manufacturers, the media, and governments have suffered major incidents this year. The latest and potentially last major attack in 2022 has struck the 201-year-old British newspaper.
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Meta fires employees for taking bribes to hijack accounts and helping others recover accounts

A hot potato: Meta employees and contractors have had access to an internal system for recovering user accounts for a while now. The deployment of this tool grew dramatically over the last few years, giving even more users permissions. Now, the company appears to be cracking down on access. One reason may be misuse within Facebook's own customer service.
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Reflection DDoS attacks are on the rise again

Why it matters: A resurgence in vulnerable CLDAP servers is making DDoS attacks more powerful and dangerous. Windows network administrators should adopt strict security practices or take the server off the internet if there is no practical need for using the CLDAP protocol.
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"Dormant Color" malware infects millions of PCs with malicious Chrome extensions

What just happened? Researchers with Guardio Security uncovered a "vast campaign" of malicious data-collecting browser extensions. The analysts dubbed it "Dormant Colors" because of the malware's focus on color and style themes — Action Colors, Power Colors, Super Colors, and so on. Dormant Colors consists of 30 different extensions that millions of users have downloaded.
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Wi-Fi drones were used by hackers to penetrate a financial firm's network remotely

Why it matters: Hackers have a new attack vector they have been toying with over the last couple of years — drone penetration kits. Drones have become much more capable in the last several years, making them a viable option for covertly placing intrusion equipment near a network. Once just a field of theoretical security research, now hacking drones are being found in the wild.
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Watch out for phishing emails from 2K Games Support, it was hacked

When it rains, it pours: Still reeling from a GTA 6 leak over the weekend, Take-Two got nailed with another data breach. This time it was subsidiary 2K Games taking the hit when a hacker accessed an internal support account and began sending out official 2K emails with links to a phishing website. It is still unclear if Take-Two has contained the intrusion and how many customers were affected, but the entire 2K support division is shut down until further notice.