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The most-loved workplace is one of the few tech giants on this top 100 list

The number one company might not be what you expected
In brief: With its high pressures, long hours, and, in some cases, lack of security, the tech industry isn't known for being a great place to work---even though the money's good. That could explain why virtually none of the big-name titans rank in the 100 Most Loved Workplaces of 2022 list, with the one exception being the company in the top spot.
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Remote worker fired for refusing to keep his webcam on wins unfair dismissal case

It might have been a different story if he was US-based
A hot potato: A US company headquartered in Florida must pay a Netherlands-based remote worker thousands of dollars after it fired him for refusing to keep his webcam activated all day. The Dutch court that ruled in the employee's favor has suggested this sort of surveillance violates human rights.