TechSpot Trivia FAQ

TechSpot's trivia section is a game that combines computing history, curious tech facts, web culture, and enthusiast-level PC knowledge. Each trivia is composed of a question, 4-6 multiple choice answers, and a brief explanation of the correct answer for full context and learning purposes, which is shown upon selecting your answer.

What's the purpose of the trivia?

Having fun. You may learn a thing or two as well.

What's the meaning of the trivia colors?

The colors are intended to give you a hint of the difficulty of the question, in the following order:
From easiest to more difficult...

green blue yellow orange red purple

Based on the number of correct and incorrect answers, our system will recalculate every night and place an equal amount of questions on every color bucket (six total).

But, it's so easy to cheat...

We have not built in any significant anti-cheat measure. This is by design, since you can just as well go to the source code and get the answer (or Google it!). By making it so easy to cheat, we are expecting the opposite response: have people just taking a guess, have fun, and learn a thing or two in the process.

Is my score associated to my account?

No, it's simply saved on your browser's cookie.