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baccam dna storage

BacCam is a biological camera that turns DNA into an image-storing device

Forward-looking: Companies and research institutions have been exploring DNA as a potential "storage system" for archiving digital data for a long time. A new approach is now emerging, offering additional financial incentives by eliminating the need for complex and expensive lab-created DNA strands from scratch. This novel variation in the field shows promise in terms of cost-effectiveness and simplicity.
silicon-perovskite solar power solar cells

Silicon-perovskite solar cells are on the verge of revolutionizing power generation efficiency

Forward-looking: Traditional solar power cells are based on a silicon semiconductor compound, which is known to have a theoretical maximum efficiency of 29 percent in converting sunlight into electric energy. However, by incorporating a second perovskite layer onto the base silicon layer, solar cells have the potential to surpass this efficiency threshold in the near future.

New tool claims it can identify AI-written science papers 99% of the time

Why it matters: AI-based plagiarism is becoming an increasingly annoying and dangerous phenomenon, especially for genuine science research publications. Many people (and researchers) are trying to develop a practical solution against this kind of troublesome pettiness, and a new approach seems to work particularly well for a specific kind of scientific papers.
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