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windows privacy telemetry advertising

Google's "Privacy Sandbox" is still ad tracking tech, the EFF warns

True privacy-abiding browsers have already rejected the technology
A hot potato: The hotly debated "Privacy Sandbox" tech is Google's solution to the universal hate reserved for third-party cookies and behavioral advertising. The Sandbox brings several new technologies including the Topics API, which would classify users in interest-based categories by carefully watching what they do and where they go on the web.
spotify openai podcasts

Spotify will use OpenAI's tech to translate podcasts to more languages

In a nutshell: Spotify reports that the number of people listening to podcasts has surpassed 100 million and continues to grow. The streaming service is now exploring new methods to broaden access to its podcast service for an even larger audience of creators and languages. It aims to achieve this by leveraging the capabilities of AI algorithms to automatically translate content from some prominent figures in the industry.