Teardown specialist iFixit wasted little time in ripping apart HTC's shiny new One M8 in a continuous effort to weed out the irreparable. The process gets off to a great start as the team was able to breach the first line of defense without damaging the rear shell but even still, it's no easy task.

Once inside, the iFixit had to tackle a large amount of tape and copper shielding only to find a glued-down motherboard. Those hoping to replace the M8's battery down the road will be disappointed at it is located under the motherboard and is more than lightly adhered to the LCD shield.

Digging deeper, the crew worked past the rotary vibrator motor and the earpiece speaker with a plastic amplifying chamber en route to the removal of a daughter card. Adhesive was once again used to hold this board in place, likely docking even more points from the repairability score.

Underneath is the HTC BoomSound speaker system (HTC's partnership with Beats Audio is no more) and the 3.5mm audio jack. Despite no longer working with Beats, the speaker system is said to sound quite good and is rated at up to 95dB. All that remained after this point was to remove the display although take heed as the team accidentally severed the digitizer cable in the process.

Much like the model before it, the M8 ultimately earned a poor repairability score. It wasn't as bad as the previous One's score of one out of 10 (10 being the easiest to repair) but even still, a score of two out of 10 isn't much to brag about.