With 691 horsepower on tap, we've known for a while now that Tesla's Model S P85D was a beast (at least on paper) but how does that performance translate in the real world? Pretty damn good, as some newly published YouTube videos reveal.

The guys at DragTimes recently got their hands on a P85D and threw it on the dyno machine to see what kind of power it actually puts down. Immediately, the team runs into issues as the instant flow of torque from the electric motors causes the tires to break loose during the first few runs.

Rolling into the throttle is key and after a few runs, the team concludes that the P85D is putting down a whopping 864 ft-lbs of torque.

Of course, people are already calling out the testing method as incorrect, so let's move on to the real-world tests: drag races.

First up, the P85D is put to the test against its predecessor, the P85. As you'd expect, it's not really a close race from a stop although the earlier model fares a bit better from a roll.

In another clip, the P85D goes up against a 691 horsepower, AWD Lamborghini Aventador from a dig. As you can see, the Tesla jumps out to an early lead although the Lamborghini quickly reels him in.

While this clip demonstrates the insane acceleration of the Tesla, again, I'm not so sure it's an entirely accurate representation on the Lamborghini's part as the driver doesn't launch the car correctly. For a fair race, the Aventador should have been put in Thrust Mode at which time I suspect the things would have been much closer from the get-go.

Either way, there's no denying that Tesla's new machine is an absolute beast of a sedan that costs a fraction of what the Lamborghini would set you back. Or a Ferrari.