What a bargain…NOT: Right now PlayStation Plus members in the UK can pick up GreedFall for the low, low price of £10,000. That is only £10,000 more than what US customers are paying for it since it is currently a PS+ freebie. All kidding aside, if you live in the UK, Israel, or any other region where it is showing an outrageously high price, just be patient. Sony will likely have the problem solved very quickly thanks to the widespread media coverage.

Users on Reddit and Twitter have noticed a strange pricing glitch on the PlayStation Store. GreedFall, an action RPG developed by Spiders, is listed in the UK store for £10,000. Things seem to be normal in the US, but others report similar pricing in other regions.

Ironically, GreedFall is one of the free PlayStation Plus games for January. The other two freebies, Maneater and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, are unaffected by the glitch. However, there have been so many posts regarding the pricing bug that moderators on the r/playstation subreddit are begging users to stop talking about it.

The bug seems relatively harmless. So far as we have gathered, nobody has paid £10,000 for the game, and even if someone insanely managed to make it through checkout at that price, Sony would likely refund the purchase. The only real problem that it seems to be posing is interfering with customers' ability to claim it for free.

GamesRadar and IGN both note that this is not the first time a pricing glitch like this has occurred. Other titles have sporadically appeared listed at the same price as far back as November 2020, including Street Fighter V, Dead Cells, AO Tennis 2, and Friday the 13th. However, this seems to be the first time the bug manifested itself on a PS+ free game.

The time frame seems curiously inline with the PlayStation 5 launch. We're just speculating, but the bug could have come about when Sony restructured the PlayStation Store to accommodate its next-gen customers.

Free PlayStation Plus games rotate on the first Tuesday of the month. Although Sony has not commented on the situation, it is likely to have the problem ironed out long before the game is rotated off the freebie shelf.