The big picture: Nintendo is widely expected to launch an upgraded version of its Switch handheld later this year. When it arrives, it could be branded in such a way that pays homage to an earlier Nintendo console, the legendary Super NES.

The new handheld, previously referred to in rumors as the Nintendo Switch Pro, might actually hit the market as the Super Switch. Why the Super Switch, you ask?

It's no secret that Nintendo has a thing for anniversaries. Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary of its Super Mario Bros. franchise late last year and a quick check of the calendar confirms that 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The Pro moniker is a bit played out at this point, given the number of smartphones and tablets that currently utilize it. The Super name would be something fresh and a throwback to a classic although really, it probably won't matter much either way as Nintendo's handheld platform has been hot ever since the first model launched in early 2017.

Even Nintendo's retro mini consoles have resonated with gamers. The NES Classic surprised everyone and the follow-up, the SNES Classic, was just as coveted. At last check, Nintendo had sold 5.28 million units globally, although that figure hasn't been updated in nearly three years.

Image courtesy Michael San Diego, Nathy Cella