A hot potato: One controversial change Windows 11 brought has been users' inability to move the taskbar to the sides or top of the screen the way they could in previous Windows versions. Recently, Microsoft said letting users move the taskbar again is a matter of if, not when.

Last week, Microsoft released an AMA on YouTube (above) in which members of the Windows development team answered questions about the operating system. When asked about moving the taskbar, Microsoft Head of Product Tali Roth explained that resurrecting the feature isn't currently a priority because of the relatively small number of users requesting it.

Roth said that the amount of work required to make Windows 11 apps recognize a taskbar on the right, left, or top of the screen is disproportionate to the demand for the ability to move it. He didn't say Microsoft would never implement a movable taskbar, but there are currently no plans for one.

It isn't clear what data tells Roth that those requesting the feature are a vocal minority, or by what scale he considers them such. As of now, however, a movable taskbar is in the top 15 most upvoted items on Microsoft's Feedback Hub, with over 6,000 upvotes and over 300 comments.

For those not willing to wait, there are a few unofficial ways to move the Windows 11 taskbar. One is through the free, portable tool Taskbar11 from Dustin Hendriks, which lets a user position it at the top of the screen and customize its size. Another tool, StartAllBack ($5), allows users to shift the taskbar to the top or sides and includes other customization features. Editing the Windows registry either manually or automatically using a file can also enable moving the taskbar.

It seems that more Windows 11 users would need to make their voices heard for Microsoft to bring this feature back any time soon.