In a nutshell: After all the speculation, rumors, and claims, Nvidia looks set to officially unveil the RTX 4070 Ti, aka the rebranded RTX 4080 12GB, at its CES 'GeForce Beyond' livestream event in a few hours. You can watch the entire show live right here at 8 am PT / 11 am ET.

As is always the case with its livestreams, Nvidia hasn't gone into detail about what will be unveiled beyond it being the "latest innovations made possible by accelerated computing and artificial intelligence."

It seems almost certain that the highlight of the show will be the RTX 4070 Ti. To recap, the RTX 4080 12GB's $899 price and the difference in specifications compared to the 16GB version of the Lovelace GPU caused such a backlash that Nvidia "unlaunched" the less powerful card, which it put down to a confusing name. Manufacturers soon confirmed that the RTX 4080 12GB had been rebranded to the RTX 4070 Ti---a move many expected.

While the RTX 4070 Ti's specs are likely to remain unchanged from the RTX 4080 12GB, the question everyone wants answered is its price. The most recent rumors suggest Nvidia will go with $799. That's about 11% less than what the RTX 4080 12GB's MSRP would have been, and many believe it's still too expensive, especially as the RTX 3070 Ti arrived with a $600 MSRP.

In addition to the RTX 4070 Ti, there will be other product announcements at the GeForce Beyond livestream. Nvidia is expected to reveal the RTX 4000 laptop GPUs. A new Twitter leak shows the RTX 4090 mobile GPU performing 55% faster than the RTX 3080 mobile, and it was even able to hold its own against a desktop RTX 3090 in the Geekbench 5 benchmark test. We've also heard that the RTX 4080 laptop GPU can perform up to 30% faster than the flagship Ampere laptop GPU, the RTX 3080 Ti.

Make sure to come back here at 8 am PT / 11 am ET to see what Nvidia has in store.