Reviewers Liked

  • Long sturdy cable; Comes with a large number of extra tips; Good fidelity for the price
  • Excellent sound experience, - Great size and form-factor, - Quality construction and materials, - Little cable noise, - CUSTOM•FIT Eartips are perfectly fitted and extremely comfortable, - 2 year warranty
  • The Etymotic MicroPro ER-4PTs are accurate, well-balanced in-ear headphones. Their treble clarity and precision let you hear details in the recording, and they exhibit a richer and more satisfying balance in bass and midrange than the Etymotic HF5s. Th
  • High-quality flat-response earphones with accurate bass, Secure fit, Low-profile, lightweight design, Superb ear-to-ear stereo image accuracy, Comes with carrying case and plenty of accessories

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Hard to fit snugly; Silicone irritated ears; Cost of fitting not included
  • Expensive
  • The thick plastic around the ER-4PTs' plug may restrict access to some smartphones or audio devices housed in cases. If you like a lot of bass, the ER-4PTs will come up a little short. Complete sonic isolation and some cord-related vibrations can also
  • Not for deep bass lovers