Seagate NAS HDD SAS600 ST-VN000 Series



Seagate NAS HDD SAS600 ST-VN000 Series

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As Western Digital found with its WD Red hard disk, there's a healthy interest in high-capacity hard disks you can use in a NAS drive . The Seagate NAS is the unimaginatively named product from Seagate that fills a gap in its range, a 3.5in SATA disk...

By PC Advisor on

Considerably faster than Western Digital's Red series when it comes to read performance, Seagate's NAS HDD is the best SOHO NAS drive we've tested. ...

By APC Magazine on

So with NAS (network attached storage) being the primary use for the Seagate ST4000VN000, is it a worthwhile purchase over a conventional hard drive and does it warrant the £143 price tag? Well jumping right into the main focus which is the performance,...

By Play3r on

Though it doesn't perform like a standard drive suitable to be paired with an OS for your...

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Now that the prices of SSDs have dropped to well below 50 cents per GB, we expect that only few Hardware.Info readers will still want to use a conventional hard drive as their primary storage device. We still can't quite live without them, however,...

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From first opening the box to writing the final word of this review, at no point was I surprised by the Seagate 4TB NAS drive. It delivered precisely what I expected – a heck of a lot of space, reasonably good speeds, quiet operation and total...

By XSReviews on

With its focus on reliability, capacity, and great performance, the Seagate Enterprise NAD HDD is the best overall NAS HDD available, especially for multi-tenant NAS environments ranging from SMB to enterprise in scale. Seagate Enterprise NAS at...

By StorageReview on

Retailing for about $160 at press time, the popular Seagate NAS HDD 4TB has one huge advantage under its belt: Price. In today's review, we are stacking the ST4000VN000 against the $180 Western Digital Red 4TB and $185 HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB . With a...

By APH Networks on

The Seagate NAS HDD 4TB is another high capacity drive that puts performance on the back burner to achieve quiet, low vibration, and energy efficient operation. Its obvious competitor is the WD Red 4TB which offers many of the same features. The Red...

By SilentPC Review on

With the NAS HDD series, Seagate now has hard disks that are optimised for use in NAS devices just like the Western Digital Red disks. The fact that they're in TLER mode by default is important for NAS devices, and it's also positive that Seagate tests...

By on

Hard drive makers have been repurposing platters to serve different markets for as long as I can remember. NAS-specific consumer drives are relatively new additions, though. A couple of years ago, this particular class of low-power mechanical drive...

By The Tech Report on

” section for products like Seagate's NAS HDD because it's just so straight-forward. Plus, it helps when products prove to be quite good, such as this one has. When choosing between hard drives for your NAS, I wholeheartedly recommend targeting models...

By Techgage on

The Seagate NAS HDD is one of just two drives on the market designed specifically for implementation in small NAS devices. The NAS HDD comes in capacities up to 4TB with spindle speeds at 5,900RPM and a 6Gb/s SATA interface. Seagate engineered the...

By StorageReview on

Fazit: Die NAS HDD von Seagate bietet 4 TByte Speicher und ist mit Datentraten um 145 MByte/s überdurchschnittlich...

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