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Opinion: Everybody wants to software

In context: For years, hardware makers have observed the attention and valuation multiples enjoyed by software companies with envy. Employees at hardware companies have also longed for the fancy perks their peers receive at software companies, while their hardware teams are fortunate to even have coffee at work. Software may be eating the world, but does that mean only software companies get foosball tables at work?
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When it comes to semiconductors, leading is not everything

Direct and collateral effects of the CHIPS act
Editor's take: Undeniably, we usually spend a lot of time talking about leading edge semiconductor manufacturing. This is a common mistake that everyone falls into when discussing semis, one which we are as guilty of as anyone. The world is rightly focused on the scarcity of companies capable of operating at the leading edge, but there is a lot more to semis.
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How did TSMC get so good?

There is no simple answer, but we think there are a few factors that really stand out...
The big picture: By now, we are all familiar with the fact that TSMC is, by far, the most capable semiconductor manufacturer in the world, with all the entails for the industry and geopolitics. And as this reality sets in, many people have been asking us how did they get so good?