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Hacker Gary Bowser released from prison early, still owes Nintendo $14.5 million

But he has paid back $175
In context: Gary Bowser, the unfortunate-named former member of Nintendo hacking group Team Xecuter who received a 40-month prison sentence last year, has been released from his incarceration early, partly due to his good behavior while behind bars. He's returning to his home in Canada, but with a $14.5 million debt owed to Nintendo, he'll likely be handing over part of his income for the rest of his life.
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Smuggler tries to sneak 239 CPUs past Chinese customs by strapping them to his body

When will people learn?
Facepalm: One might imagine that with so many individuals caught smuggling hardware into China, people would decide it just wasn't worth the risk. But no. Not only has another person tried to avoid paying import taxes, but they also broke the record for the number of China-bound processors strapped to their body: an uncomfortable 239 CPUs, worth around $50,000.
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4Chan user arrested for posting "in Minecraft" death threat

"A 4chan troll has to come out of his room," wrote the sheriff who was targeted
Facepalm: Just because you present something as a hypothetical scenario in a video game, it doesn't mean you won't be held accountable. A 38-year-old 4Chan user found this out the hard way after posting a death threat that targeted a Florida sheriff but used the words "in Minecraft" at the end. He was later arrested and is being extradited to face felony charges.

Illicit marketplace BidenCash releases over 2 million stolen card details in birthday promotion

Most of the records are from the US
What just happened? There are plenty of illicit websites trading in stolen financial data, including one called BidenCash, which uses the president's name and his image. To celebrate its first birthday, the site has published a database filled with over 2 million credit and debit card details so anyone can look them up free of charge.