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Modders resurrect lost F-Zero content from VHS recordings of a long-dead Nintendo satellite broadcast

The real question is will Nintendo's lawyers kill it
Quick, grab it! Dedicated fans have released a mod for Nintendo's 1990 classic F-Zero. It adds new tracks, cars, and leagues. Adding fan-created content to already published games is commonplace, whether new or old. However, this mod is unique because the makers reverse-engineered it from ancient VHS recordings.
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Mod adds AMD FSR 3 frame generation to titles that don't officially support it

The big picture: A week after AMD published the FSR 3 source code on GPUOpen, modders have predictably started unofficially integrating the company's frame generation technology into various games. Additionally, it is possible to combine this feature with Nvidia's DLSS upscaling. Meanwhile, Intel plans to respond to frame generation using a fundamentally different method.
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Assassin's Creed Mirage players employ mods to sidestep unwanted visual effect, Ubisoft plans "toggle" update

Does anyone like chromatic aberration?
A hot potato: Assassin's Creed Mirage has been getting quite good, and in some cases, great, reviews from critics and fans. But there's one element that pretty much everyone hates: its inability to disable the chromatic aberration graphical effect. Thankfully, after people started modding it out of the game, Ubisoft has announced an update that will let players turn it off.