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Sony tops 38.4 million in PS5 sales with a record-breaking fiscal year

In a nutshell: Sony once again sits atop the console wars throne. Not only has it more than doubled Xbox Series shipments, but its overall financials are also in good health. Despite a dip in software sales, hardware and overall revenues are up significantly. The company was tight-lipped about its newly launched PS VR2, but outside analysts say it's on track to being the fastest-selling VR headset on any platform.
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Vinyl outsells CDs for the first time in 35 years with 41 million records sold in 2022

Editor's take: Vinyl record sales are booming. It's hard to nail down the recent trend. Collectors trying to grow their collections, audiophiles preferring the richer sounds from analog recordings, and the sometimes fantastic album art the large discs come with all contribute to the phase. Whatever the case may be, the record industry isn't complaining.