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Apple M3 and the state of CPUs

Is it Apple and everyone else, even for CPUs?
The big picture: Apple's M3 launch stood out for its focus on how people actually use computers, the lack of AI acronyms and the fact that they launched three chips all at once. It is only getting harder to compete with them. As with all things Apple, the M3 has been extensively covered in the press, but beyond the performance metrics, a few things stood out for us, and here's our thesis on the overall sector.
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Qualcomm's next-gen Arm SoC runs Windows, can beat Intel and Apple in some applications and efficiency

Something to look forward to: After years of monotony and relative stasis in the PC industry, things are starting to change. And man, it's getting exciting again! Earlier this year, AMD launched the Ryzen 7040, the first PC SoC with a built-in NPU (Neural Processing Unit) – otherwise known as an AI accelerator. Then a few weeks ago, Intel debuted its Core Ultra chip featuring its own AI accelerator. Now Qualcomm is putting an exclamation point on the AI PC trend with the launch of its Snapdragon X Elite SoC for PCs.