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OneDrive users must justify why they are closing the app before exiting (Updated)

You aren't leaving until you tell Microsoft why
WTF?! Trust Microsoft to find new ways of making something (even more) annoying. The act of closing the OneDrive for Windows app will now force users to explain why they are doing such a thing. And don't think you can just ignore the question - Microsoft won't let you quit the program until you answer.
samsung 8tb ssd storage portable ssd

Samsung's upcoming 8TB portable SSD is kind of slow and expensive, but what else will let you fit 8TB in your pocket?

In context: Samsung sells TechSpot's favorite portable SSD (the T7), which recently received a successor that while expensive, offers an impressive speed boost. A new upcoming option looks to exchange speed for capacity. Uniquely roomy for its size, it could prove worthwhile in specific situations.