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  • Acer Timeline 14" 4810T Notebook Review

    If you need a notebook with decent processing power that will last the course of the day without a recharge, the Timeline 4810T could be the one for you.

    By Shawn Knight on

  • HIS Radeon HD 5850 Review

    At $260, it doesn't take a great deal of cash to get your hands on a Radeon HD 5850, and the performance you'll get is nothing short of amazing.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Intel Core i5 750 Processor Review

    The Core i5 750 is Intel's latest quad-core part based on the 'Lynnfield' architecture, which debuts along the new mainstream LGA1156 platform.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Synology Disk Station DS-409+ NAS review

    The Disk Station DS-409+ is a powerful NAS server supporting four hard drives, designed to appeal to small-and-medium business users seeking an affordable solution for efficient data sharing and backup.

    By Steven Walton on

  • ATI Radeon HD 4770 review: The $100 Killer GPU?

    The new Radeon HD 4770 is the world’s first 40nm graphics processing unit, aiming to deliver the best possible value in a neat cost-effective package.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Solid State Drive Round-up: Intel, OCZ, G.Skill, and Super Talent

    There should be no question that SSD technology is the way of the future, it's just a matter of when this future will become a reality for most consumers.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Asus Rampage II GENE microATX motherboard review

    The Rampage II GENE is easily the most prominent microATX motherboard we have ever seen boasting of a wealth of useful features that cannot be matched by many of today's standard ATX boards.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Asus P6T Deluxe Intel X58 motherboard review

    The Asus P6T Deluxe is possibly the best motherboard we have seen so far this year, partly due to the evident hard work put in by Asus, and partly because the Core i7 platform is just so darn impressive.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Intel Core i7 920, 940 and 965 Extreme Edition review

    Today marks the release of Intel's latest and greatest processor architecture to date. Meet the new Core i7 920, 940 and 965 Extreme Edition processors based on the debuting Nehalem architecture.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 case review

    Despite its hefty price tag, the Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 remains a stunning looking case that is further enhanced by its unique and innovative design.

    By Steven Walton on