MSI on Wednesday said it is now shipping its VR-ready Vortex PC, described by the company as the world's smallest gaming cylinder.

The MSI Vortex measures just 10.5 inches tall but it certainly isn't short on performance. The high-end configuration packs an Intel Core i7-6700K processor with a base clock of 4GHz (Turbo up to 4.2GHz) running on a Z170 board alongside 32GB of RAM (upgradable to 64GB by the end-user). You also get two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 cards in SLI, 256GB of solid state drive storage, a 1TB hard drive, Dual Killer E2400 gigabit Ethernet controllers, Nahimic audio technology and more.

It ships with Windows 10 and is powered by a 450W 80+ Gold PSU. MSI says it weighs as little as 8.8 pounds (without the dual 980s, I'm sure) meaning it shouldn't be a major drag to haul it to a LAN party (assuming people still do that). What's more, the system has been "engineered" for upgradability and expandability so you should be able to replace at least some of the hardware down the road as it ages.

Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America, said the revolutionary Vortex gaming tower shatters the misconception that bigger systems deliver more power and performance, adding that the system maximizes space and heat dissipation to unlock the power of its components for truly astronomical performance in a subwoofer size.

As you may have guessed, this sleek gaming machine doesn't come cheap. The high-end model detailed above will set you back a whopping $3,999 while the entry-level variant with 16GB of RAM and dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 cards in SLI can be had for $2,199.