In a nutshell: The full-featured portable is just that - a complete Wii console that has been trimmed down and modified into a console you can take and play anywhere. Since the Wii is backward compatible with GameCube, it also serves as a portable GameCube console.

Maker GingerOfMods has completed work on a brand new creation, a portable Nintendo Wii built into what is essentially the chassis of a Game Boy Color.

It packs a 3.5-inch, 480p IPS display that originally served as a vehicle backup camera and uses a combination of DS Lite buttons and Switch joysticks built atop a GameCube controller's circuitry. Unfortunately, there's only a single audio speaker as space constraints simply didn't allow for a stereo speaker setup.

Around back, you'll find an intake for the cooling fan as well as two triggers and Z buttons. Power and volume buttons are located on the side of the portable while a headphone jack, battery status LED and USB-C port populate the top edge of the machine.

Everything fits neatly into a custom 3D printed case. GingerOfMods went this router rather than retrofitting an original Game Boy Color shell in order to have screw posts exactly where they were needed for easy hardware mounting.

GingerOfMods said the Wiiboy Color gets between two and three hours of battery life per charge although adding a "beefy power bank" to the mix adds another four hours or so on top of that.

Those interested in learning more can follow GingerOfMods on Instagram or Twitter and if you'd like one for yourself, you can commission the modder to build one for you but it won't be cheap.