Why it matters: Often described as a 2D version of Minecraft, Terraria has seen widespread success since its launch in 2011. It had sold more than 30 million copies across 14 platforms as of last April and has received hundreds of updates, adding new content and evolving the game. It was about to add a fifteenth platform of compatibility, but Google dropped the ball.

Considering its popularity, it was no surprise when a Redditor discovered over the weekend a PEGI for a Google Stadia version of Terraria. Although never officially announced, it appears Re-Logic was bringing it to Google's cloud-gaming platform. However, studio founder Andrew Spinks seems to have unexpectedly canceled the port thanks to Google giving him "the runaround."

It all started a few weeks ago when Spinks found himself locked out of all of his Google accounts, including a Gmail address he has had for 15 years. Additionally, Spinks says that he lost "thousands of dollars of apps on Google Play."

He initially reached out to YouTube via Twitter on January 26 after 10 days of failed access to Re-Logic's official channel. His issue was still not resolved as of Monday. Spinks claims he has done nothing to violate Google's ToS and has not been given a reason for his account suspension. Spinks announced his frustration in a series of tweets and canceled Terraria on Stadia, saying that Google has "burn[ed] this bridge."

"Terraria for Google Stadia is canceled," he tweeted. "My company will no longer support any of your platforms moving forward."

According to the PEGI listing, Terraria's Stadia launch was supposed to be around the beginning of February. Perhaps after a bit of media publicity, Google will take steps to make amends and reinstate Spinks with an apology---that or at least explain why he is locked out of his accounts.