Rumor mill: We've heard plenty of rumors about an upcoming upgrade to the Nintendo Switch that everyone is calling the Switch Pro for the lack of anything better to call it. There has not been any concrete information on it other than some speculated hardware guesses and predictions of a release window.

French electronics store Boulanger accidentally posted a product page for the rumored next iteration of the Nintendo Switch. According to a screenshot of the page, Nintendo is, in fact, calling it the Switch Pro rather than the "Super Switch." It also shows an MSRP of 399 euros, which is about $484 US. This price seems questionable since it puts the new Switch on par with the PS5 digital and well above the XBSS.

A second screenshot shows the retailers internal inventory screen. It shows "valid until" dates of December 31, 2039, which are clearly placeholders. There is no mention of release or pre-order dates on either screen.

However, earlier this week, Centro Leaks reported it had "verified" screenshots from an unnamed retailer showing pre-orders starting on June 4 and June 30. The June 4 date (today) is obviously invalid unless Nintendo suddenly announces something before the day is done. The other date, June 30, sounds like a typical placeholder.

Speaking of placeholders, retailers often design product pages on their websites with inaccurate info serving as a substitute to unknowns. Sometimes these pages accidentally go live. So treat this "leak" as a rumor. Everything, including the name and price, could be each retailer's best guess until Nintendo relays more information to them.

That said, when we start seeing these types of pages popping up, it usually indicates a product release is imminent. Earlier this year, insiders said components will start shipping out to assembly lines this summer putting a possible release as early as this fall. So pre-orders could indeed go live soon.

Image credit: Wachiwit