What just happened? Google's Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been receiving plenty of positive reviews, but that hasn't stopped the company from releasing a video giving 113 reasons why it thinks you should switch to one of its handsets---and it contains a few shots at tech rivals, including Samsung and LG.

The Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro video kicks off with what is likely some shade-throwing at LG. "113 reasons you should switch to Google Pixel when the maker of your old phone stops making phones" are the first words you hear. LG, of course, finally exited the phone business back in April following six years of losses, and Google wants to grab some former users.

There's more mockery at number 30. The narrator states that while Google is known for organizing the internet and mapping the world, other smartphone makers are better known for "other things." The image of a washing machine seems to target Samsung in particular.

Reason number 70 mentions choosing a Pixel 6 over an old, trendy, more expensive "thing," which sounds like Apple could be the target here.

Most of the reasons are obviously pretty jokey---the letter X is cool, someone might accidentally give you a pickle---and plenty of the mentioned features are found on other phones, such as locked folders. But we do hear about some of the Pixel 6 handsets' best elements: the cameras and their features ("if you know, you know"), battery life, price, AI-powered call screening, etc.

Google was itself the target of some shade throwing recently. Qualcomm posted a cheeky tweet taking aim at the company for dropping its SoCs in favor of the search giant's Tensor chip in the Pixel 6.