Why it matters: The battle royale has undoubtedly become one of the most dominant formats in multiplayer shooters. Due to the popularity of the genre, fans were surprised when EA Dice stated BF 2042 would not include a battle royale mode. Despite attempts to exclude it, one enterprising user has leveraged the game's new Portal feature to create a 100-player Warzone-style battleground.

A Reddit user that goes by the handle u/chbmg has used Battlefield 2042's Portal rules editor to create a functional, 100-player battle royale experience. Nicknamed "Warfield 100," the customized BF Portal offering features everything battle royale players have grown to love, including pre-game lobbies, dropping into active play areas, random loot, and a circular closing map designed to funnel survivors toward each other for a spectacular finish.

Players joining Warfield 100 will find themselves in a fairly familiar scenario. After spawning into the pre-game lobby, players are airdropped via parachute equipped with nothing more than a starter pistol and accompanying gear. From there, the point is pretty straightforward: find loot, stay in the circle, engage your enemies, and survive. The game even features a Warzone gulag-style prison that gives players the opportunity to rejoin the action.

While some of the genre's more traditional features could not be directly created using Portal, the game mode's creator was able to leverage available functionality and conditions to resemble the behavior of similar BR titles closely. Rather than humming loot chests, on-screen messages alert players to nearby loot. When located, they must crouch three times, prompting the game to replace their current loadout with the newly discovered weapons.

You won't find any gas mask here, either. Warfield 100's "circle" consists of overpowered AI players that form the outer circle, herding players toward its center, much like Warzone's gas. Stepping outside of the circle's AI bots, which are highlighted and plainly visible, will get you shot on sight. Players meeting an untimely end will have multiple opportunities to escape the prison and redeploy before being completely eliminated.

While Battlefield 2042 may have experienced a rocky release, it hasn't stopped users from leveraging Portal's ability to create extremely detailed rulesets for custom matches. Earlier this month, fans used the Portal feature to create a BF-themed version of Squid Game's "Red Light, Green Light" game.