Why it matters: High-end graphics cards have been getting more and more power-hungry for the past few years. It's why manufacturers have to upsize their coolers to match if they want to keep temperatures and noise under control. Zotac has done just that with their latest release.

Zotac's new RTX 3090 Ti PGF OC is the chunkiest RTX 3090 Ti model on the market right now, employing a 3.6-slot cooler to keep Nvidia's latest and greatest GPU under control.

While measuring an enormous 73mm in thickness, the rest of its dimensions are relatively tame. It's only 309mm long, making it 4mm shorter than Nvidia's Founders Edition, while its width lies at 139mm, 1mm more than the FE.

The PGF OC features a triple-fan cooler with RGB lighting on the shroud and backplate. There's also a cutout in the PCB for airflow to pass through. To keep this heavy card from sagging, Zotac includes a VGA support bracket in the box, along with a 16-pin to 3 x 8-pin power adapter.

The card has a factory-overclocked boost clock of 1890 Mhz, though the default power limit is 'just' 450W, the same as reference designs. There's no mention of the maximum power limit, although it should land around 495W, just like its cousin, the AMP Extreme Holo.

Unfortunately, the Zotac RTX 3090 Ti PGF OC is a China-exclusive for now, with pricing still being unknown. If you're looking for a similarly oversized graphics card to fill your case, check out the Asus RTX 3070 Noctua Edition.

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