Something to look forward to: If you have been collecting miniaturized retro gaming systems (I'm pointing to you, Shawn Knight), you might be excited to know Sega is releasing a follow-up to the Mega Drive Mini this fall. The current word is that it's only hitting Japan, but more likely than not, the US will see a Sega Genesis Mini 2 sometime later.

Sega announced it has another retro gaming mini console almost ready for release. The Mega Drive Mini 2 is Sega's second miniaturized retro console since the Mega Drive Mini from a few years ago. Well, technically, it's the third if you want to include the almost too tiny to play Game Gear Micros released in 2020.

Currently, Sega only has plans to launch the Mega Drive Mini 2 in Japan. However, the Sega Genesis Mini was quite popular in the US. While not in the bag, a delayed Genesis Mini 2 release stateside and in other countries seems reasonably likely.

Unlike the first miniaturized system, the Mega Drive Mini 2 will include a couple of Sega CD games --- Sonic the Hedgehog CD and Shining Force CD. It also comes with 48 other classics like Silpheed, Virtua Racing, and Bonanza Bros. The games are hardwired, faithful reproductions and have not been remastered or enhanced other than to give them a save function.

Sega has not released the full game lineup yet, but keep in mind that if the mini console makes it to the US, the game list will likely vary. Some games on the Mega Drive 2 are titles that were only released in Japan and have never been localized.

The Mega Drive Mini 2's MSRP is ¥9,980 ($75 US). Judging by the promo materials, that price includes one controller. The cost is a bit higher than the previous console (¥6,890), but that's not surprising considering inflation and the ongoing chip shortage. Sega will also release a cosmetic Sega CD attachment for ¥4,500 ($37 US).

The 2019 Mega Drive Mini had a two-controller version with a significant price bump (¥1,100). However, Sega's announcement does not indicate a dual gamepad version. Perhaps closer to launch, Sega will release more information, including the full games list and possible controller options.