Reviewers Liked

  • Stylish and compact, Snappy performance and AF, Versatile lens, handy shooting modes
  • Excellent grip, Unique, attractive design, Relatively slim for the zoom range, 24x wide-angle zoom, Sensor-shift image stabilization, Full HD 1080p movies, Stereo audio recording, Optical zoom during movies, Very good Super Macro mode, Multi-Recording
  • New MR technology is genuinely useful, large focal range is handy, body feels comfortable in the hand

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Average image quality, Poor Magic Filter options, “?” button not very helpful
  • Strong noise suppression mars low-contrast detail even at the lowest ISO setting, No control over noise reduction, Bright colors tend to bloom in bright light, Camera crashes when modes are changed in Menu mode and in Movie mode, Need to use menus to a
  • Image quality is generally fairly average, general look won't be to everyone's taste