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By on 80

I remain confused as to why the Pang series inspires more imitators. You may know it as Buster Bros. over here, but this is a game where you fire a weapon upwards to shoot and split large bubbles into smaller bubbles. 13AM's Pirate Pop Plus is a...

By GameSpot on 80

Saturated with the blood of dozens of hapless souls, the floors squish beneath my feet. But there's plenty more work to be done. Chainsaw-wielding, rocket-powered cyborg mega-men attack from all directions as I struggle to dip and dodge between their...

By DarkZero on 100

The Bug Butcher is one of the most perfectly named games ever, I am confident in saying. It's a classic side-scrolling run-and-gun with a few neat twists that quickly lead to equitable bouts of enjoyment and addiction. Anyone who wasted countless...

By Gaming Nexus on 80

Arcades are long gone but their spirit still lives on in games like The Bug Butcher. A 2D shooter where you where you destroy anything that moves and watch those points go higher and higher. There are a bunch of arcadey type games around today but in my...

By Hooked Gamers on 92

Beautiful Simplicity Deep characters are great. Well written plots and intricate game mechanics are swell too. Yet, sometimes a game comes along and eschews quantity in favor of doing a few simple things really, really well. This is one of those games....

By HardcoreGamer on 70

Using the right powerup at the proper time as several different types of bugs moving in different patterns do their level best to flatten or fry you into a smear on the facility floor is always good fun. The Bug Butcher is a good-humored throwback to an almost-forgotten series, updating the gameplay while preserving the heart of what made it great in the first place.

By on

There's a few different categories of indie games. My personal favorite kind out there happens to be “quirky little title that's a lot of fun” and The Bug Butcher could be classified as that. It's got a fun art style, a sense of humor, and there's...

International Review By on 80

The Bug Butcher est sans doute l'une des belles découvertes 2016. Awfully Nice Studios m'impressionne grandement avec la qualité du titre autant dans ses mécaniques de jeu, dans trame sonore ou encore dans son style graphique. Le tout s'agence à la...

International Review By on 80

The Bug Butcher è un gradito omaggio a Super Pang, un titolo semplice ma divertente le cui meccaniche funzionano a dovere garantendo un alto tasso di sfida comunque esente dal sempre odiato elemento frustrazione.Un bel gioco, quindi, peccato per la...