Vodafone Smart Tab 4



Vodafone Smart Tab 4

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By Wired UK on 70

Students typically don't have a lot of cash to throw around, so the best tablets tend to be tantalisingly out of reach. But with a few sensible compromises, there are plenty of choices for penurious academic. Try these for size.For a low-cost tablet...

By Alphr on 67

Integrated 3G and a good-quality screen are heartening at the price, but the sluggish performance sees it tumble down the...

By Expert Reviews on 80

The Smart Tab 4's face is dominated by an 8in screen surrounded by a black bezel that's entirely branding-free. The chassis has a nice soft-touch plastic which is easy to hold and there was only the slightest hint of flex to the rear casing. There’s a...

By CNET UK on 60

Although it's cheap, the Smart Tab 4 makes too many compromises. This is a worthy tablet if you're after a basic device for email and browsing, but if you're planning on watching movies, TV or playing games, it's worth paying a little more for Google's...

By Wired UK on 70

The Smart Tab 4's limitations show thanks to the older version of Android and the below-par camera, but for the price, you get a decently speedy processor and a pretty good HD screen. With 3G network access thrown in (albeit with a potentially...