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Poorly manufactured adapter responsible for melting Nvidia RTX 4090 cables, report claims

A very bad solder job
A hot potato: As Nvidia continues to investigate incidents of burning and melting power adapters that come bundled with its new RTX 4090 graphics card, the team over at Igor's Lab believes it has found the culprit. According to the publication, the issue isn't the 12VHPWR connection itself but rather, the quad 8-pin to 16-pin adapter distributed by Nvidia. Specifically, whoever manufactured the adapter performed a very poor soldering job.
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Newegg refunds customer who received RTX 4090 box filled with weights

Gamers Nexus offered to buy it
WTF?! Paying one-and-a-half thousand dollars for a graphics card is a big decision, but those concerns often vanish when you're enjoying blistering framerates at high resolutions. What will give you buyer's remorse, however, is opening an RTX 4090 box and finding it filled only with weights. Luckily for the person involved, seller Newegg has given them a full refund.
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Nvidia RTX Titan Ada reportedly canceled after it melted PSUs, tripped breakers

Rumors claim the card itself was occasionally melting
Rumor mill: The God-level RTX 4090 Ti or Lovelace Titan many have been expecting has reportedly been put on hold by Nvidia because it was tripping breakers, melting PSUs and occasionally dissolving. It's believed that when (if) it does arrive, the card might be one of the first to pack GDDR7 memory.